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Upgrade ke WordPress 2.7

Hohohohoho.. Barusan saja saya mengupgrade wordpress saya menjadi versi 2.7.

Deg-degan, takut ada yang salah copy, atau delete, atau malah berakibat kacau.. Tapi orang yang terlalu takut untuk maju, akhirnya benar-benar ga maju-maju. Jadi dengan modal nekad dan panduan dari, akhirnya saya memulai proses upgrade itu.

Ternyata… sukses!! Sempat terjadi insiden kecil saat saya tidak sengaja mengapus wp-config.php saya. Tapi untungnya file tersebut sudah di backup terlebih dahulu dan file itu bisa di-restore kembali. Hihihihihi.. *dasar Herli ceroboh* 😀

Langkah-langkah yang diberikan WordPress.Org yang memandu proses upgrade benar-benar jelas dan membantu. Tanpa panduan itu, saya mungkin masih belum upgrade ke wordpress versi terbaru ini.

Saya ingin mengutip blog orang lain yang sudah terlebih dahulu mengupgrade wordpressnya ke versi 2.7:

Many are worried about upgrading to WordPress 2.7. Here are some of the worries, and some answers.

  1. It’s Painful to Upgrade: WordPress 2.7 now features auto-upgrade, so this could be the last “painful” upgrade you do, though upgrades are not very painful, really. Now, WordPress will alert you when there is a new version or upgrade available and walk you through the process. The same applies to WordPress Themes and Plugins, making life much less painful.
  2. My WordPress Theme Will Break: There is very little that will impact WordPress Themes in this new version, outside of WordPress Plugins that interact with WordPress Themes, especially with comments. WordPress Themes will be even better protected in future versions with the Parent/Child Theme feature (your changes are protected during upgrades) and easy auto-updating of Themes. If your Theme features customization to the comments area, see Migrating Plugins and Themes to 2.7 and Justin Tadlock’s “Making your theme’s comments compatible with WordPress 2.7 and earlier versions”.
  3. I’ll Only Have to Upgrade Again and Again: Trust me, future upgrades are going to be easier than ever. Don’t let this old whine of “WordPress updates too often” fool you. You are smarter than that. EVERY computer program, online and off, has regular updates. My computer nags at me daily to update something. WordPress only updates when they have to due to a security vulnerability discovered or threatened, or when they have great new features that you will benefit from. With the auto-upgrade feature, this process will be simple and painless. Upgrade now.
  4. I Won’t Be Able to Use My Favorite WordPress Plugins: If your favorite WordPress Plugins work with the Administration Panels or blog comments, the odds are that it won’t work or will need to be upgraded in WordPress 2.7. Check for upgrades to all your favorite WordPress Plugins and the WordPress 2.7 Plugin Compatibility list. If you are upgrading from a pre-WordPress 2.7 beta release, use the Upgrading WordPress instructions and deactivate all Plugins before installing, then activate them one by one to test them. If you can’t live without a certain WordPress Plugin, consider donating to their cause or encouraging their continued support of their Plugin. Or search for a new replacement.
  5. I Want to Wait Until All the Bugs are Fixed: WordPress 2.7 has undergone extensive development and testing. It is currently in use on almost 5 million blogs and has been for a couple of months, though the new interface wasn’t activated. With past versions, waiting was a good recommendation. Now, with the recent WordPress 2.6.5 security update, it is highly recommended that you take that one step further and upgrade to 2.7 now to ensure you have the latest and most secure version. Having had some of my blogs, and those of my clients and fellow bloggers, hacked because we didn’t upgrade, we know the pain. Upgrade now.
  6. I’m Not Technically Inclined: One of the most exciting features of WordPress 2.7 is the auto-upgrade feature. Once you get past a little initial code on this upgrade, depending upon which version you are upgrading from, no technical inclination required. WordPress, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins all now feature automatic upgrades, making your life easier and less technical.
  7. I Just Don’t Want to Upgrade: Okay, so there are some people who like making their life harder and want to stay with an older version of WordPress for whatever reasons. Quick Online Tips featured WordPress Plugins for those who wish to stay with WordPress 2.6, offering much of the functionality of WordPress 2.7. Be sure and upgrade to the latest version, WordPress 2.6.5, to maintain a secure version and protect your site from hackers and vulnerabilities. You will have to upgrade soon to maintain a secure version of WordPress, but this will delay the inevitable.

Setelah membaca tulisan diatas, saya jadi lebih mantab untuk melakukan upgrade. Afterall, this will be the last “painful” manual update for WordPress. 🙂

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